All Metal replica Lewis Guns

Available built to order replica Lewis guns which can be supplied with or without my LPG gunfire simulator system installed. The replica is constructed from steel and aluminium with a working steel bi-pod, removable dummy magazine, and weighing 13KG. A spare magazine can be provided so that magazine changes can be simulated.
The non LPG version is built so that if at a later date the owner decides that they want a unit fitted this can be done. The LPG version comes complete with everything needed to fire the gun including the regulators, battery, gas lines, pressure guage, and your first supply of oxygen and propane. The Lewis gun had a long service life as it was used in both World wars and in WW1 was a prised weapon when captured by the Germans as they issued them to their Stormtroopers. They were used by the LRDG, Home guard, Merchant ships RN ships and even the German Volkstrurm.
Non LPG version 450 plus post and packing.
LPG version 1200 plus post and packing.
Spare magazines 40.